About The Product

The latest and most fashionable spray instrument has dominated the market.

With sliding closures and a chargeable battery, you will have the convenience of hydrating your skin at any time of the day.

You will have youthful skin due to constant hydration; encouraging elasticity in the skin. With ultra-high-speed vibration technology (above140, 000 times/s) adopted to make ultrafine particle contact your skin and penetrate into cuticle making your skin maintain hydration.

Water is converted into ultrafine particles penetrating in the layers beneath your skin surface and securing your makeup once applied.

Main efficacy and characteristics All-round moisturising.

It can be used for facial, body and hair care. It can prevent static electricity in hair, reduce skin wrinkle and reduce skin sensitivity.

Calm the skin. The nano-water spray instrument is very beneficial after sunburn, a facial mask application or facial massage. From such things, the skin may feel irritant, pores will stretch and skin may be painful. The nano-water spray can be applied for several minutes; hydrating and healing the skin.

Convenient for use.
Nano-particles will be immediately emitted from the nozzle by slightly removing the sliding closure.
This product has USB charge interface and the big water chamber of over 20ml, requires refilling and charging less often.





  1. This product is ideal when the environment is humid and lacks moisture. For example; in the plane, office with air-conditioning, or in the car, this product is a must-have.
  2. When skin is irritated from sunburn it can be used to relieve the skin pain.
  3. Before and after makeup; using it as a primer for makeup your skin will be moisturised and makeup will look better and last longer. Applying after makeup will secure hydration in your skin.
  4. Reduce wrinkle and whitening the skin: this product will help to reduce the wrinkles and skin whitening.

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