About The Product

This is a great whitening home kit which will penetrate your teeth in just 15 mins helping to promote the renewal of enamel and protect your teeth from future discolouration. If you’re suffering from discolouration due to tea, coffee, smoking and red wine, this is an effective way to assist with your concerns.




  1. Brush the teeth using a sensitive tooth paste. Hold the colour metric card in front of your teeth and notice the colouration prior to whitening.
  2. Use the provided teeth wiper to remove excess water found on the surface of the teeth.
  3. Using the whitening composition, found in the pencil, extract 2 – 3mm of the thick whitening gel and evenly apply to the surface of the teeth. You will find the whitening composition in a pencil in the form of gel. Slightly rotate the end of the pencil and the gel will overflow from the pencil tip; then apply the gel to the teeth.
  4. Insert and adjust the device to comfort level, within the mouth. Press the button on the box to activate the teeth whitening device.
  5. The first lamp will lighten for 3 minutes then all the 5 lamps will lighten in 15 minutes. It will power off automatically and the whitening course of treatment is completed.
  6. Remove the device from the teeth, rinse mouth with clear water or mouthwash.
  7. It is important to use clear water to clean the device.
  8. Brush the teeth with sensitive toothpaste and use colour metric card for post treatment colour comparison.
  9. Let the device air dry and store in the box.

If the battery level is low, please charge for next use.


  1. For best results the mouthwash shall be expressed and excess water on teeth shall be dried by teeth wiper provided.
  2. Luminescence apparatus shall attach closely to teeth surface; no movement will achieve the best results during the whitening process. This will prevent the whitening gel diluted by saliva, which can affect the whitening process.
  3. Please use the device morning and night for 15 minute duration.
  4. If there is any allergy symptoms for using this device, please stop using and choose alternative teeth whitening product.


  1. This product is not suitable for those with exposed dentin or incomplete enamel.
  2. Do not use while pregnant.
  3. Not suitable for children.
  4. If the whitening gel contacts with skin directly, please rinse with water.
  5. After using the whitening gel, please pack the gel properly.
  6. Please make sure the device is completely dried before packing away.
  7. Keep out of reach of children.

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